Bluestime…the name says it all. House rockin, high energy, electric blues that will make you move and make you groove. Bluestime brings the Blues into the 22nd century with timeless songs that speak to Our Blues…Now

Andrew Orliner | Vocals and guitar

born in Philly. Bluesman. Andrew has been playing guitar since his early teens and has been playing blues in a variety of bands throughout. BLUESTIME is the culmination of all that experience, allowing him to share his own music and the music of some of the artists that have impacted him over the years.


BC Cohen | Guitar

born in Philly. WHAT (Scott Taylor; where are you?), Record Museum, Stereo King Records, King of Pizza, The Uptown, Commodore Barry Club, Philadelphia Blues Machine (thank you Doug & Peg), BB, Albert, Muddy, Peter Green, Cropper, Wolf, Luther Allison, Rory Gallagher, Junior, Kim Simmonds, Don Julio. 

Chicago Steve | Drums 

Steve was born and raised in Chicago. He started playing drums when he was 12. Early influences were Cozy Cole and Sandy Nelson. Later on, he discovered the talent and style of Benny Benjamin and Al Jackson Jr. As a young man, he honed his blues chops with many long time Chicago blues players. He has played in many blues and R&B bands in and around Chicago. In 2016, he moved to Philadelphia and found the blues lovers who would form Bluestime.

Paul Galdi l Bass 

Transplanted from the woods of North Jersey to whereabouts unknown, he’s on the lam I tell ya! International Jewel Thief/Bass Player Paul Galdi now playing with Bluestime, but you didn’t hear it from me. Oh he’s played all over the area with various covers, I mean bands..jazz trios, corporate gigs, you name it, you do what you have to when you’re on the run..His latest cover is a character named Crow, you can see it here..https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1l8HqMiE1Y5H2J-TipfVw

Anyway, so when not playing the part of International Jewel Thief or wowing them on the stage and screen in parts unknown, he comes to Pennsylvania to play the blues.